Stay on Trend! - JAN 2024

Stay on Trend! - JAN 2024

Trending Fashion can always be found in Vintage. Fashion is highly cyclical and continuously borrows style from bygone eras. 

what we love most about what's happening in trends lately is that its ALL YOU. do whatever feels good, mixing patterns, monochrome and colors, more is more! Mixing modern with vintage pieces. Getting use of those special dishes as grandma would say is important. Have fun with your collection and don't forget to wear it!!

Where are we at?

Romance & Nostalgia to the core: This season is all about staying inside and cozying up. So lets throw on a warm vinyl record, dress in our best negligee, and dance in our fur coats! 

having friends over? bust out the cocktail glasses and gold plated dishes. Its new years all month, baby!


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