Like our name implies, we're always on the road running down collections of vintage for us too curate. If you have previously loved items we're looking for the following:
  • Pre-2000 leather jackets and vests
  • Pre-1960s clothing, any styles
  • Pre-2000 vinyl & CD collections
  • 1990s and earlier USA made denim, Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee preferred
  • 1990s and earlier band, music, Harley, moto or team T-Shirts
  • 1980s and earlier cowboy hats, larger sizes preferred
  • 1980s and earlier boots
  • 1980s and earlier westernwear, all types and sizes
  • 1970s and earlier cotton military uniforms
  • 1970s and earlier women’s clothing, all types and sizes
  • 1970s bellbottoms
  • 1950s and earlier men’s neckties

The list goes on and on, shoot us an email or DM our socials with some photos and set up an appointment. Contact us in whatever way works for you:

  • Give the store a call during open hours at (403) 226-2104 
  • Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok @roadrunnervntg
  • Email us at hello@roadrunnervintage.shop
  • Fill out the contact form below

For bigger buy-outs, we’re more than happy to come to you.