Curated Vintage Vs. Thrift

Curated Vintage Vs. Thrift

Unlike thrift stores, vintage shops are run by educated collectors who have a background in their specialty. Most are highly curated and take pride in their collections. 

Each item in a curated vintage shop is carefully chosen for its Condition, Quality  Era, and Style. 

Dependent on your own unique style you'll find what curators best suit you as they are often curating in the specific style of their own. If you follow a curated vintage shop you will likely get to know the sourcing team and their likes and interests which will introduce you to the style of clothing they choose. 

Vintage clothing is defined as 20 years and older. Antique is anything over 100 years old. Clothing and the quality of the fabric was made a lot different in the earlier eras. Clothing was made to last, because you didn't have a lot to choose from and your didn't get to go to the mall at your convenience. Its true, most of the clothing has lasted the test of time and is still here today. That's what truly proves its quality. 

Curated vintage is often priced according to the specific conditions met. The older and rarer the piece if in a mint condition the value of the product will increase. Its a good investment for you to buy a piece of clothing that will last forever, but also carries a unique history and style. Much like Music had a significant impact decade to decade so did Fashion. 

There are also some other things to consider when budgeting for curated vintage pieces. A lot of time goes into sourcing the collections you see in the vintage shops. All of the items are washed & pressed, mended, and  inventoried including measurements. If you were to start thrifting your own collections, Thrifting involves a lot of browsing through a variety of second- hand items, which may result in a more affordable option but definitely doesn't fall short of the work to find those special pieces. 

Collectors for resale are often challenged by finding similar pieces in all sizes in order to fulfill the demand of each individual. Make sure to know your measurements when shopping curated vintage. Clothing sizes have changed drastically over the years and what was a Large in today's modern sizing may be closer to a medium in eras past. Since curators are well educated in their pieces they can easily help you take measurements to meet your needs.

Pro tip: measure one of your favorite fitting pieces and compare those measurements to a similar vintage product.

There's a lot of thrill in finding a piece of true vintage in the wild, so if its in a Thrift shop or in the curated vintage shop and it fits then be sure to grab it. Nothing haunts you more then the Vintage you didn't buy !!

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