#NoNewClothes Movement

#NoNewClothes Movement

The No New Clothes campaign is a global movement against fast fashion and over consumption, but saying YES to second hand choices, supporting ethical and sustainable brands, and Slow Fashion

How do you support the Slow Fashion culture shift?

  • supporting sustainable brands, and the small businesses that are bringing you these choices.
  • researching for ethical brands ( look up 1% for the planet brands)
  • investing in high-quality pieces of clothing, embracing timeless and versatile designs (vintage is cyclical)
  • taking care of your garments to make them last 
  • re-wearing these quality pieces over and over again 

Multimillion dollar corporations mass produce clothing simply for the exponential growth to make money. Small businesses are small because the individual(s) behind the brand are often starting the brand to earn a living. It's these small brands that need to be supported so that we can take a stand against the corporations. supporting sustainable slow fashion brands is a necessity for them to exist or we wont have any other options but to buy from the corporations. 

Personally, Its unlikely I wont stop purchasing unique pieces to add to my collection this year, as I advocate for sustainable fashion choices. I will continue to practice purchasing from other small businesses, trading in (and up) pieces from my existing collection, wearing my favorite pieces over and over again and dressing for me! 





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